Break the Cycle of Dental Anxiety

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Every day, dental offices are filled with patients who are having cleanings, getting their wisdom teeth extracted, or enjoying cosmetic dentistry services. Are you the only one who’s too afraid to get into the dental chair? Although you may feel alone, St. Charles dentists say that dental phobias affect more than 75% of American adults […]

Does the Dentist Judge You by Your Teeth?

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Do you start feeling a little self-conscious just before your dental appointments? Do you feel as though every dentist in St. Charles wants to run away screaming from the sight of your teeth? Well, take a deep breath and try to relax! When it comes to the condition of your teeth, the dental office is […]

Cosmetic Dental Options for the Golden Years

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You’re never too old for a smile that is healthy, strong, and attractive. Adults who are in their 60’s, 70’s, and even 80’s are enjoying lifestyles that are active and fulfilling—and it’s important to have a smile that can go the distance. Mature adults in the St. Charles area are turning to the cosmetic dentist […]

Dental Solutions for Acid Erosion

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The surface of your teeth is responsible for more than just looking pretty—it is also responsible for protecting the soft, interior tissues underneath. Without the hard enamel outer shell, the teeth are sensitive and vulnerable. When the enamel is worn away or eroded by acids, the teeth can become painful and visually unattractive. Without intervention […]

St. Charles Dentists Voice Concern over E-Cigs

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Following recent statements made by the U.S. Surgeon General, dentists in the St. Charles area are voicing their concerns regarding the growing popularity of electronic cigarettes. According to health authorities, electronic cigarettes have officially surpassed traditional cigarettes in the young adult community. These devices have been touted as the safer alternative to traditional tobacco use, […]