Restorative Care

Cavities are no fun to deal with and are caused by the growth of bacteria on and around the enamel of your tooth. When left untreated they can rot out and deteriorate your teeth causing enormous amounts of pain. At Parkside Dentistry, Dr. Jeffrey Smith provides the following comfortable, effective solutions to fully restore your teeth back to health:


Composite Fillings  

These durable, mercury-free fillings are created with the natural appearance of your teeth so they blend in perfectly, while also preventing further decay allowing time for the tooth to be restored.   



Dental crowns are used when tooth decay is so extreme that it’s unable to be repaired with a filling. At Parkside Dentistry Dr. Jeffrey Smith uses both porcelain and ceramic crowns to restore and return function to the affected tooth. Designed to protect and encase what is left of your natural tooth, crowns also have the appearance and feel of the natural tooth being replaced, giving you the confident smile you deserve.



Effective as a replacement when one or more tooth is missing, dental bridges serve as a long-lasting solution and function like natural teeth. More attractive and natural than dentures, bridges are made up of crowns that are shaped conveniently around your teeth, forming an attractive smile that cannot be removed.