happy-couple Restorative Dentistry With Your Saint Charles Dentist
Chances are, you’ve probably had at least one cavity in your lifetime. Cavities are caused by bacteria growing on the enamel of the tooth. If bacteria aren’t removed with daily brushing and flossing, it can colonize and turn into tooth decay that will eventually deteriorate the tooth. That tooth decay can cause sensitivity and pain. The solution is a filling or, if the decay is severe, the tooth might need the added stability of a dental crown. Fillings, crowns and bridges are all procedures that fall under the category of restorative dentistry because they repair damaged teeth. Dr. Jeffrey Smith is a Saint Charles dentist that provides restorative dental procedures for his patients in the most comfortable and professional way possible.

Composite fillings – Composite fillings have come a long way over the years. Now, composite fillings are often just as durable as silver amalgam fillings. And, they can be made to match the natural shade of your tooth so no one has to know you have a filling. Dr. Smith is a Saint Charles dentist who provides his patients with attractive, durable composite fillings. Composite fillings also have the added benefit of being mercury-free, unlike silver amalgam fillings. If you have old silver fillings that you would like to have removed and replaced with natural tooth-colored fillings, Dr. Smith can help you with that as well. At Jeffrey P. Smith DDS, our practice is experienced in removing silver fillings and replacing them with attractive tooth colored inlays or onlays.

Crowns – In cases of excessive tooth decay, where the natural tooth can’t be repaired with a filling, dental crowns are used to restore the functionality of the tooth. Dental crowns are designed to look like the tooth they replace, by encasing and protecting what remains of the natural tooth. Dr. Smith can provide patients with ceramic and porcelain crowns that look and feel as natural as your real tooth.

Bridges– The dental practice of Jeffrey P. Smith DDS also offers patients dental bridges. Bridges not only look more natural than dentures, they are long lasting and function just like permanent teeth. Dental bridges are commonly used when a patient is missing one or more teeth. Unlike a full set of dentures, bridges cannot be removed and are shaped around the existing teeth to form an attractive smile.

If you are in need of restorative services, visit the office of Saint Charles dentist, Jeffrey P. Smith DDS.