Covering up your mouth when you smile or laugh is a sure-fire sign that you might hate your teeth. We have the perfect solution for you with Invisalign, if you’re interested in removing your hands from your mouth every time you breathe. Dr. Jeffrey Smith is a certified Invisalign provider in St. Charles and offers it as a comfortable, effective fuss-free option for misaligned, crowded, or spaced out teeth.


Invisalign is a smooth plastic application that is custom fit using a 3-D scanner for each and every person, without all of the maintenance of metal orthodontic braces. Making that decision to get metal braces, especially as an adult, can be difficult but this solution provides you an easy way out. On average the time of treatment is 12 months, and is perfect for shifting your smile from embarrassing to perfection.


Each aligner that is used actually shifts your teeth vertically, horizontally and even rotates them during the course of treatment. They are comfortably designed and engineered to shift and move your teeth using the perfect amount of push when necessary with virtually no pain. To actually get the best results, the suggested amount of time during the day to wear them is 20-22 hours. Your visits with Dr. Jeffrey will provide you with all details as he updates you on your progress toward the smile of your dreams.